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E.ON launches new offshore wind O&M strategy at Scroby Sands

In what could signify a crossroads for the offshore wind industry, E.ON has internalised the O&M of offshore wind turbines at Scroby Sands. I spoke recently with Scroby Sands’ Operations Manager Keith Cooke about it, who told me the warranty period for these turbines was coming to an end, and instead of renewing the warranty, they decided to take on the maintenance themselves.

Of course, there are implications of taking on maintenance in this way. There’s a lot to learn and we, as O&M partners to the offshore wind industry, can provide a lot of value and have an important role to play. Continue reading

Offshore wind O&M is not just about the turbine

When considering maintenance issues in the offshore wind industry, it is important to look beyond just the offshore wind turbines themselves. Not only should wind farm owners and operators consider their equipment and balance of plant, but they need to use data from surveys and inspections in order to create a workable maintenance plan.